Why You Should Be Baptised

In a blog post, Mark Driscoll addresses a common question among young, theologically-inclined Pentecostals and Evangelicals – “why should I be baptized?” Such a question is understandable, almost inevitable, if one is raised under the prevailing theology encapsulated by Driscoll’s post: that baptism effects nothing and “has nothing to do with your salvation whatsoever”, and to even think that it might have anything to do with it, “ruins everything”. If baptism is ultimately pointless, why bother at all?

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6 Ancient Devotional Practices For Pentecostals

Pentecostalism has revitalised the Church. Its exuberance and energy have made Christians excited about sharing the Gospel and reaching the lost. The renewed focus on the physical power of the Holy Spirit has inspired churches everywhere through the Charismatic movement.

Pentecostalism is founded upon the conviction that the beliefs, the practices, and the power of the early Church should be normal for Christians today. In this spirit, I have collected six ancient devotional practices used by the early Church that Pentecostals can practice in their walks with God today.

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